k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen 3 Foreword eicestershire partnership NHS trust has long been a supporter of the concept of a resource available through our services and the reaction has been really positive. It has been great to work with rethinkyourmind to develop our own version, ‘The LPT Yellow Book 2017’, as an important way of raising the profile of positive mental health to local people. L I hope that this book will inspire hundreds of people to express themselves, to talk openly about mental health, and to support the wellbeing of others. I am sure that the legacy of the LPT Yellow Book will continue for years to come. The standard of entries was fantastic and I congratulate all those who have been selected as winners. Dr Peter Miller Chief Executive Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust eicestershire Partnership NHS Trust has long been a supporter of The Yellow Book. We have made this resource