Coalville ‘Pink ladies’ meaningful activity co-ordinators Coalville Hospital, one of our community hospitals, has three meaningful activity coordinators to help patients recover more quickly. Known as the Pink Ladies because of their distinctive uniforms, the three-strong team work closely with various therapists to give patients constructive things to do. The range of activities they offer includes tea-parties, games such as Connect Four and cards, and visits to the hospital’s gardens. The practice was viewed as ‘outstanding’ by the CQC and we are now looking at creating similar posts across our other community hospitals. Sport at the Bradgate Appeal Physical activity has proven benefits of improving well-being. We are raising funds to provide more sport and exercise opportunities to patients at the Bradgate Mental Health Unit, supporting them find a form of sport or exercise they can enjoy, to help them with their recovery. Please support our Sport at the Bradgate Appeal through our website: k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Thank you 119