k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Story Sept 2012 Oct 2013 Oct 2015 Oct 2016 Oct 2017 Nov 2017 Late 2017 Mar 2017 Sept 2014 June 2015 June 2016 June 2017 July 2017 The first ever personalised book for an NHS mental health Trust launched, commissioned by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust: The LPT Yellow Book The Yellow Book 2017 published nationally & launched at the House of Lords Hosted by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE with Ruby Wax as keynote speaker Hosted a college enrichment day for 130 students & the winning college music artist was chosen The first rethinkyourmind music pilot began with Peterborough and Leicester colleges The first ever personalised Yellow Book was launched in collaboration with Peterborough Regional College The rethinkyourmind music album was launched The Yellow Book 2015 was published Develop Insite CIC was set up by Pete Hirst & Claire Evans First National Yellow Book Published. Developed by Pete Hirst with the support of SISO & Advance. A Yellow Book with Leicester support organisations was also trialled Rethink Your Mind launched An original project single, created by refuge, to be recorded at Abbey Road studios with a rethinkyourmind choir The first ever exhibition of rethinkyourmind submissions to be hosted at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery The Audio Yellow Book to be launched, including: the project music & spoken word plus #MindfulMeds and the wellbeing section