k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Centre of Wellbeing 31 Mindful Meds Mindful Meds was launched in 2016 as a collaboration between The Centre of Wellbeing and the band refuge. The Centre is owned by rethinkyourmind Director & Mindfulness Co- Creator: Claire Evans who wrote the wellbeing section in The Yellow Book. Refuge is a 3 piece band led by Pete Hirst, the creator & Project Manager of rethinkyourmind. #MindfulMeds launched a first album entitled ‘Within’ in September 2016 which is available to buy on amazon. A special ‘rethinkyourmind’ collection of 7 Mindful Meds, inspired by the 2017 poetry submissions, is available FREE OF CHARGE. Click here: www.rethinkyourmind.co.uk/mindful-meds All the scripts were written by Claire and then combined with original music from ‘refuge’. These practices are to be used as a daily dose of mindfulness that will help nurture a sense of wellbeing within. Download FREE mindful practices. Click this link for your daily Mindful Meds: www.rethinkyourmind.co.uk/mindful-meds