k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen 77 Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust and rethinkyourmind would like to thank and acknowledge the two LPT representatives who also took part in assessing the entries: Dr Peter Miller, CEO and Shelia Ashton, Communications Manager. Meet The Panels ‘It was a huge privilege to be part of the team that assessed the many inspiring images submitted for The LPT Yellow Book 2017. I believe this final selection illustrates an exciting combination of individual talent, passion for life, joy and endearing innocence all focused on sharing images of well being. It has been a totally uplifting experience enhanced by so many positive thoughts.’ Trevor Bent Art/Photography Assessor ‘I found the standard of the photographic images being of a very high quality and covering a variety of different artistic styles. It was a difficult challenge in making a shortlist and finally choosing the winning images. I pass on my thanks and my congratulations to all the photographers who submitted images to the competition and made our job so difficult.’ Mark McConnochie Art/Photography Assessor ‘It was difficult to choose only nine poems from all the submissions. Poetry, writing it and reading it, can be a good way to help us feel better. I appreciate all the voices of people who have shared their experiences in their writing.’ Maxine Linnell Poetry Assessor ‘I was impressed with the diversity of material. There was a huge array, something for all my moods, and I don’t consider myself shallow. We found it really hard selecting a shortlist. It was like Twelve Angry Men meets Kind Hearts and Coronets. My favourite poem of all didn’t make it in! The whole experience has taught me a lot about compromise.’ Rob Gee Poetry Assessor