k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Recovery - Royal College of Psychiatrists How can people be supported in their recovery? Key elements: Developing good working relationships – we need to support individuals to fulfil their potential and to shape their own future. A therapeutic relationship is essential in supporting recovery where partnership working and hope is promoted. Supporting personally defined recovery – there is a need to focus on this and view recovery as being at the heart of practice and not as an additional task. Individuals are supported to define their own needs, goals and plans for the future to shape their care content. Organisation support – people do not work in isolation and need support from their employing organisation. Recovery principles should run throughout it. Recovery- supporting services show a commitment to promoting recovery-oriented practice and provide a culture that focuses on, and adapts to, the needs of people rather than those of services. Promoting citizenship – aims to support people who live with mental illness to live as equal citizens. Citizenship is central to supporting recovery where a right to a meaningful life for people is advocated. Co-production, informed choice, peer support, a strengths focus, and social inclusion are all parts of recovery. 020 7235 2351 ) www.rcpsych.ac.uk 8 41