k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Centre of Wellbeing The Power of Emotions Imagine your body is a bank account. Instead of earning interest and creating wealth, you have a bank account of wellbeing. What would you say your bank balance is currently? What would be a minimum income of deposits required to keep you well? Just for fun, maybe make a list of everything that has been a deposit in your day, the things that energise you. Give them all a score and count up your total, here are some examples: • Eating a favourite meal 10 points • Spending an hour with warm, happy people 20 points • A sunny day 100 points • Yoga & meditation 20 points So far in this day, 150 points have been deposited but what about the withdrawals? The things that drain you? Here’s some more examples (note that low energy is heavier so it costs more points): • Arguing over something trivial -20 points • Spending an hour with a gossip -40 points • Complaining for 30 mins -100 points • Watching a horror movie -40 points Now the overall balance is -50! The purpose of this exercise is to have some playful fun around what supports and what drains you. Honestly, be interested in yourself and care about choosing more of what feels good to you! 14