k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Art Assessor 81 G Sian Associate Director and Arts Council funded Change Maker Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester G is an artist and is always grateful that he knew this from the early age of four. His current work is focused on engaging students with the arts, raising the value of art to their university careers and overall well- being. In early 2018 he delivers the DeStress Fest, presenting exhibitions, performances and workshops on mental health, stress-alleviation and body-image. In 2016 he presented a memoir performance called Daughter, made in collaboration and about anorexia and body dysmorphia, described by the audience as: “Moving and uplifting” “Made something that is hidden tangible” “Vital to show real mental health experience through accessible art” www.gsian.com Photo credit: Sophiya Feroza Kaur Sian Title: 1 - 1//2 CT - 31-1-14 [in collaboration with Charlotte Turner] Medium: Video - photography - digital illustration