k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Centre of Wellbeing The Power of Creativity The message of ‘rethinkyourmind’ is to creatively express wellbeing because when we create something for ourselves, you see that you can and knowing that you can, leads to personal wellbeing. Ash Noakes is a friend of ours who created his first mandala, aged 10. He believes his creative understanding of sacred geometry, through making mandalas, has enabled him to learn differently. He describes how an innate understanding of mathematical equations comes from drawing them and has found out that even learning musical instruments becomes easier. Please feel free to grab your own coloured pens and pencils now and colour in Ash’s mandala opposite and make it your own! If you feel inspired to learn more about making mandalas, there are lots of websites online. #IFeelBetterWhen I am creating mandalas and exploring sacred geometry, it is as natural to me as breathing! ~Ash Noakes 28