k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Creatively expressing wellbeing When we express ourselves creatively, we feel better. There are lots of ways to express yourself but this project focuses on the use of poetry, art, photography, craft and music to express: ‘I Feel Better When I Am...’ In the following pages of ‘Selected Entries’, we feature the 30 pieces selected from the 300 online submissions for the first ever personalised Yellow Book for an NHS Trust: ‘The LPT Yellow Book’. It has been an exciting collaboration to work specifically with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to produce 10,000 copies of The LPT Yellow Book, tailored to include only the entries submitted from those residing in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and showcasing some of the wonderful services provided by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. The first 3 represent the main winners whose creations were made into the first ever NHS music single: a poem becoming the song’s lyrics and a piece of artwork and photography for the covers. We also feature here, local band: refuge who created the song for the LPT project. A music video has been produced by Leicester based body artist: Emma Fay and the creative team at Enter Edem. The winners were acknowledged and celebrated at a prize presentation, held on 5 July at New Walk Museum & Gallery and then again, in November when the Museum’s Gallery host an exhibition of The LPT Yellow Book selected entries in collaboration with Soft Touch Arts. 45