k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Centre of Wellbeing Practice 1. Take 3 deep breaths 2. Close your eyes 3. Check in with your body 4. If there is discomfort, locate it in the body 5. Use the diagram to choose the corresponding sound for that area of the body 6. Take a deep inhalation 7. As you exhale, make the sound, for the entire out-breath 8. Repeat the same sound 7 times 9. Rest and review 10. Finish your practice or return to step 1 mmm (make this sound so it vibrates on lips) ng (sound as in the word: sing) aye (sound as the word: eye) ah (sound as in the word: arm) ooh (sound as in the word: moo) oh (sound as in the word: ‘oh dear’) uh (sound as the word: ‘err’) 13