k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Lewis Buttery Lewis Buttery is a freelancer who has been delivering community arts projects in Leicester for three years. At 21 his experience is impressive: He was curator for the touring young people’s art exhibition Generation Art in 2016, has been working with prisoners serving time in HMP Glen Parva weekly since 2014 and has recently completed a 12 week trial for a similar project in HMP Leicester. Lewis does a lot of work for local arts charity Soft Touch Arts and has been an active self-taught artist for four years since first joining them as a project participant who was out of work and education in 2013. He has helped set up exhibitions of his own work alongside other young artists and has exhibited in many more local open exhibitions. Lewis’ work so far encompasses visual arts: photography, street art, traditional painting and sculpture. Lewis began studying Foundation Art & Design part-time at DMU in September. www.lewisbutterytoast.com Art Assessor 82