k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen National Supporters 100 Home-Start is a leading family support charity that helps parents to build better lives for their children. Our volunteers provide support and friendship to more than 29,000 families every year. Our highly trained volunteers offer support for parents with young children to cope with pressures caused by isolation, mental ill health, multiple births, bereavement, disability, poor housing or financial stress. Volunteers visit a family’s home for a couple of hours every week and the support they offer is tailor-made to the needs of the parents and children. Families are supported until the youngest child turns five or starts school, or until the parents feel they can stand on their own two feet.  There are 288 local Home-Starts in communities across the UK. 0116 464 5490 info@home-start.org.uk www.home-start.org.uk