k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen The Centre of Wellbeing Welcome to The Yellow Book’s centre of wellbeing. Thank you for being here and for gifting yourself this time to flick through these pages & find what connects with you. This section of the book has been written by therapists who we know personally and who all believe in the power of the practices that are being shared here. These pages are offered to you as reminders for those times when the noise of life gets too loud or the pace of thought and over-thinking have raced out of control. Being well is a healthy focus for us all…even those who appear to already be well. It begins with accepting things as they are and then facing in the direction of what feels better. Life is a colourful journey, it’s both challenging and supportive and there is no escaping its fluid movement towards the next moment and the next…and the next! When we finally, allow ourselves to embrace all the colours of life’s rainbow: the lows, the highs, the tears, the laughter then we find the space of mindful living, of contentment. However, mindful living is a life skill to be practised and repeated to enable new neural pathways of habitual thinking to be created. So please go gently and kindly on this journey of self discovery to your very own centre of wellbeing. www.thecentreofwellbeing.co.uk Be well, Think well, Feel well 9 We would like to thank the assessors from the national rethinkyourmind project Gary Hodges, Keith Cooper, Steve McLoughlin and Jenny Escritt for allowing us to showcase pieces from their impressive and extensive galleries throughout The Yellow Book’s Centre of Wellbeing.