I can see the colour and I can feel the sun ….- BOOK SELECTION by Elizabeth Aldous

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No more grey mornings even when its winter and the sky is dull,

I can see the colours of the trees, I can now admire the beauty of the leaves,

people smile and say good morning , I can smile and greet them back,

NO more dread ,no more darkness , no amount of money can buy me this feeling

the simple things ,a cup of coffee ,a walk with my dog and laughter with old friends,

the things I had feared I have lost had never gone away, just hidden.

But best of all once again

I can feel the sun .


Elizabeth collects a handmade hardback book

She will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

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Her work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide


Elizabeth’s photograph was also selected to appear in The Yellow Book by the art assessors

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