the yellow book


The Yellow Book is a publication from the rethinkyourmind project. Developed by those with experience of mental health challenges and endorsed by professionals, the book hopes to educate, aid and support.

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50 pieces of art, photography & poetry selected from the project entries are published in The Yellow Book. To view the pieces in The Yellow Book 2017/18 please click here…


The Yellow Book includes:

  • Wellbeing material from The Centre of Wellbeing
  • Recovery material from The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Recovery material from The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Recovery material from NHS Choices
  • Signposting to National organisations and charities of support
  • 50 pages of positive artwork and poetry from the project
  • Forewords from prominant figures including Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE
  • A page from each member of the artwork and poetry panel



“The beauty of the butterfly effect, an open & peaceful mind.”

Concept Art by Enter Edem:



The Yellow Book comes from the rethinkyourmind project, which was borne out of the service user led, Wellbeing, community interest company

SISO – Safe Inside Safe Outside


We extend our thanks to everyone that brought this project to fruition!