the audio yellow book


The Audio Yellow Book is a digital wellbeing resource, providing simple tools, practices, spoken word & music with the aim to help empower people in maintaining their health.

The Audio Yellow Book includes:

23 pages of wellbeing tools & practices 

+ 7 mindful meditative practices #MindfulMeds

+ 7 winning project songs inc the ‘I Feel Better When’ single – performed by Pippa D Collins, Lizzie Deane & the rethinkyourmind Choir – recorded at Abbey Road Studios

+ 4 award winning spoken word poems – read by acclaimed published poets: Lydia Towsey & Adam Horovitz


INDIVIDUAL copy – for your personal use or to gift to a friend…

normally £8 each lockdown price £4.50 

Purchase The Audio Yellow Book here

MULTIPLE USER copies – for organisations such as universities, colleges, schools & businesses who have an intranet:

normally 50p per copy (10p for 5000+)  2021 offer = £500 for entire organisation to download for a 6 month licence, subject to an EULA.

The Audio Yellow Book is currently being utilised for all staff and students at:

  • Loughborough University
  • University of Nottingham
  • Swansea University

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“At Loughborough University we were very fortunate to come across the resource known as ‘The yellow book’. At the time of the pandemic and the shutdown of services, we were able to offer both staff and students access to this beautiful resource. We know that one size fits all does not work for mental health and part of the attraction of the yellow book is the range of options outlined for people to try, all whilst being exposed to an attractively presented resource or audio version. Current evidence for improved mental health show how ‘mindfulness’ or ‘being in the flow’ of something, by doing this the noise of the outside world will subside and the yellow book helps to encourage this flow state whether by reading the resource, or engaging in the creative suggestions. This has been a valuable resource for all ages and been welcomed by our University. Thank you to all at rethinkyourmind.”

Sarah van Zoelen
Occupational Health and Wellbeing Manager
Loughborough University

“In the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Nottingham we have known about the amazing Yellow Book project for sometime; partly through discussion with Pete and Claire directly and partly from conversations with Lucy Ward during Communications Skills workshops, which we developed together for our students to emphasise the importance of story-telling in addressing audiences. We particularly liked the positive emphasis and tips on maintaining mental well-being and decided to make rethinkyourmind’s resources available to staff and students within our School. In view of the additional challenges facing people as a result of the COVID-19 situation, we brought our partnership with rethinkyourmind forward and now have The Yellow Book and The Audio Yellow Book available on our Community pages. Feedback has been very positive and we are pleased to be able to offer this additional support to students and staff at this time.”

Professor Mark Fromhold
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Nottingham 

“In the midst of challenges imposed on us due to the Covid-19 situation, Swansea University was very fortunate to come across the wonderful “Audio Yellow Book” through a generous offer by Peter and Claire from ‘rethinkyourmind’ and donations raised by The Bluetones Fanz. With the lockdown and all the restrictions rethinkyourmind resources seemed a great source of support for maintaining a healthy mindset and positive wellbeing for all our staff and students at Swansea University. During the university’s ‘Centenary Wellbeing Month’ “the Audio Yellow Book” became available for free on the university Staff intranet page and other platforms for both staff and students.

Thanks to the valuable act of kindness by Pete and Claire and The Bluetones Fanz, Swansea University is able to offer such fantastic source of support to maintain the health and wellbeing of all the staff and students.”

Dr Masoumeh Minou
College of Engineering
Swansea University