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7 mindful body scan practices feature on The Audio Yellow Book 2nd Edition

Mindful Meds are a collaboration between The Centre of Wellbeing and the band refuge. These practices can be used as a daily dose of mindfulness that can nurture a sense of wellbeing within. The Centre is owned by Mindfulness Co-Creator: Claire Evans who wrote the wellbeing section in The Yellow Book.

“As a Music Psychotherapist, working in the NHS for over 19 years, I have witnessed first hand the transformative power of music. A lot of the people I see have suffered severe trauma and, as a result, have lost a sense of their own body. With their focus on different areas of the body, Mindful Meds have helped people reconnect their bodies and minds, leading to a greater sense of wholeness. I have seen people go from a state of rigidness to relaxing into their bodies.”


Henry Dunn
Music Psychotherapist, Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Sample a Series of Mindful Meds

7 Mindful Meds are also part of the 1st edition of The Audio Yellow Book and are all available on YouTube from this link:


This collection of Mindful Meds have been inspired by the creative submissions selected to feature in The Yellow Book. The scripts were written by Claire Evans and then combined with music developed from winning project songs by Phil Seaman & ‘refuge’.


“We all have mental health symptoms at some point in our lives and I feel everyone should develop these tools to keep in their back pocket”

Dr Lyn Williams
Head of Service for Mental Health Services Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust 

Order a Double CD Album of mindful meds & original music

Mindful Meds Album ‘Within’ is available to order with all sales aiding the continuation of the projects. To order please click here…


The series of mindful body scan practices featured on The Audio Yellow Book 2nd Edition are available on CD and feature a bonus version of the entire body scan practice. Scripted and read by Claire Evans of The Centre of Wellbeing with original music from ‘refuge’. These practices can be used as a daily dose of mindfulness that will nurture a sense of wellbeing within. Refuge are a band, specialising in performances in mental health settings. This double album includes a CD of 7 original tracks from refuge.

“My anxiety has improved with mindful meds and I am now able to cope with stressful situations”
– JB living with anxiety

“The mindfulness techniques are easily accessible for everyone, making them extremely useful for both staff and patients”
Sam Wilson Occupational Therapist

“I slept for the first time in four years without a sleeping tablet thanks to mindful meds.”
– Ann living with bipolar