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Project developed by those with experience of mental health challenges, themselves service users – its purpose to creatively express well-being.

Claire Evans
Director Develop-Insite CIC

 Peter Hirst
Project manager & creator
Joint owner of Develop-Insite CIC

rethinkyourmind is a project delivered by Develop-Insite CIC




rethinkyourmind Project

People submit creative work from all over the country for free around the theme of :

‘I Feel Better When I Am…’

The creative expressions take a look at what helps to keep us positive and well.

Every entry in the poetry and artwork category is featured on this site for everyone to browse and view.

The Audio Yellow Book

  • Selected poems create the lyrics for the music artists involved in the project.
  • Selected pieces of artwork or photography made the front cover art for the songs.
  • Selected poems are recorded as spoken word pieces for the B sides for the songs.
  • 7 mindfulness practices, Mindful Meds are created inspired by poetry submissions
  • The wellbeing section recorded as spoken word.
  • Sales of The Audio Yellow Book help to enable the sustainment of the project.

The Yellow Book

  • 26 selected poems feature in the book
  • 24 selected pieces of artwork or photography feature in the book

The Yellow Book contains information available on the rethinkyourmind website for people who do not have access to the Internet.

Artwork and poetry were selected by professionals at the top of their field. To see them all please click here…

The book was developed to aid wellbeing and promote self help techniques. It also features recovery information and support from the Institute of Psychiatry Psychology & Neuroscience Kings College London, Royal College of Psychiatrists, and NHS England

Information and signposting was also included. Each charity and organisation involved have their own page dedicated to the great work that they do, with signposts for you to gather as much or as little information as you desire.