Lift Your Voice – SINGLE B SIDE POEM – RUBIE COLT by David Holloway

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  Lift your voice
            and sing out loud
                  as you perform on
                           the stage of life
            for you’ll get through the rain
                   just hold that note
                            and don’t be afraid
                                   for you’re a rock star
                                       the world is waiting
                                                for you
  with good
       mental health you can sing
                  you’re in harmony with
                                your friends they’ll see
                                       the change in you
                                           human nature is a
                                     chorus of love
                          it awaits you
        with a new song you
                  are awakened
                          the crowd
                               they clap their hands
                                    your dulcet tones
                                           restore your inner light
                                                 yesterday you were at the bottom
                                        of the charts but now you’re
                                                      flying high
                     you’ve done it your way
                             and you’re the one and only
                     with fresh lyrics
                              inside your head you’re
                                         feeling back on track
                                                 and all you have to do
                                                              is sing.
David Holloway (c) 2012

David collects an iPad and a handmade hardback book

He will be presented with these at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

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His work will feature in the book going nationwide

His poem will be recorded in spoken word to create the B-side to the

Rubit Colt single release


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Davids piece of art was also selected to appear in The Yellow Book by the art assessors.

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