I feel life – SINGLE LYRICS – RUBIE COLT by Ella

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by Ella Zellaby

I feel life

Firing up my senses,

Scintillating my skin,

Tickling my toes,

Tingling my tongue,

Tantalisingly close.

Falling stars are caught and suns are born;

Suns that rise, and set, then rise again.

Gravity pulls the tides and waves crash down on the shore.

The moon spins on her axis knowingly;

All is well.

Everything is exactly as it should be.

Life takes place all by itself

And I am

Both spectator and actor

Creating the circumstances I need to achieve and thrive;

I am truly alive.

Clean air blasting through my lungs,

Blood pulsing through my veins,

A clear head and crystal vista,

Creativity oozing through my skin,

Serene acceptance within.

Epithanic excitement, exhilaration, expectation,

Faith, prosperity, a future

Filled with wonderment and friendships

To last a lifetime.

I see visions,

Horizons expanding far beyond tomorrow;

A glorious hope calls out my name.

Reveries exponentially unravelling,

Ambitions unfurling at my feet,

Possibilities I can reach out and clasp,

Ideas I can run with and take off.

Earth, now solid, beneath my feet,

Starting tasks I know I can complete

Life’s long journey

Step by step.

Calmness, contentment,

Tiredness, that fulfilment and fresh air brings.

A warm home to return to,

Love to swaddle me in,

Arms to coddle me tight,

Someone fabulous to kiss me goodnight,

Dreams coloured in delight.

Mindfully I embrace myself,

Aware that everything is as it should be,

For with good mental health

Life is very beautiful

Now I am free.



Ella collects an iPad and a handmade hardback book

She will be presented with these at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

Congratulations from all of us at !!


Her work will feature in the book going nationwide

Her poem will be developed in to the lyrics for the Rubie Colt single release


We would like to say a huge thank you to Carers’ Action for generously donating the iPad prize

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Congratulations from all of us at !!


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