Treasure by Simon Tudor

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More determined than ever I can’t believe

I’ve found it at my leisure

It brings freedom and love and great pleasure

It will give me all I lost and more without measure

For where your heart is there is your treasure


As I open my treasure the gates open wide

Now in I run with a great stride

It’s my destiny I found my course

With healing and love from it’s great source


“What is your treasure? I hear you moan”

“I don’t know you must find your own”

“If it frees your heart and frees your mind

and you find yourself on higher ground”



With Good Mental Health by Mr Vernski Noble

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Yeah it can be hard, tougher but heavy as lard

Sometimes keeps you in your yard

To the point I’m now physically scarred

But as I stood so tall to say

“There is a better way”

I began to see how this God given LIFE

Can positively benefit me

Like, learning and self-training to become an

Original Rhymer M.C.

Gradually this opened many doors

Of opportunity

My self-esteem grew greatly

To stand against paranoid schizophrenia

And perform to one day a whole arena

I destroy symptoms as I flow

Beautiful rhythms

This is worth the fight

Turn pain in to delight …

With good mental health I have… finally moved on by Laura

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Every day new joys appear

As it’s my Father’s voice I hear

Which helps me through my healing

Smiles and happiness I’m feeling


I never thought I’d get this far

But I’ve finally stepped over that bar

That’s allowed me to move onwards

My whole recovery’s now going upwards


I pray each day and each night

I’m never going to give up this fight

One day I’ll be free

Something I never thought I’d see


Life has never been so great

No more of the things I hate

And with the help of the Father, Spirit and Son

I can finally say that I’ve moved on

Meandering – BOOK SELECTION by Peter McGrath

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Let me meander with your mind awhile my child,

celebrate this time, this time.

Here to stay your sun to shine,

with me and mine a sweet surprise.

All your colours call to me,

fascinating my realities,

instilling scenes within the scenes,

‘cause all we’re left we dream unseen.

Quietly unlock my doors,

and answer what we see inside.

Your silent roar beside me now

like mountain-tops within my mind,



Peter collects a handmade hardback book

He will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

Congratulations from all of us at !!


His work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide


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Congratulations from all of us at !!



With Good Mental Health by Christine Brown

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With good mental health
I have purpose and direction
good concentration
my needs are met
nourishment and affection
aroof over my head
Companionship, home
mental stimulation
&  I’m working towards
an even better
Future, honourable employment
yes a goodjob now
AND not incarceration

Positive mental Health – Poetry and Time by Tony Devaney

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With positive mental health, I don’t depend on slogans and ‘prescriptions, ‘

Or let myself be limited by negative projections and descriptions.

With positive mental health, I can show my ability and my vulnerability,

I can become more fully human, knowing that ‘joy and woe are woven fine.’

I can learn that patient waiting and creative reflection are just as important

as immediate success and constant striving.

I can devote myself to ‘living’ instead of just surviving.




Poetry can reveal

Depth in time,

The co-existence

Of past, present and future,

The moment of unity

And wholeness of Being.

Such poems are a celebration

Of the dance of creation.

Given fleeting form in the speaking,

They slip away into the night,

Defying immediate analysis

In favour of relationship –

Revealing hidden connections.

Old familiar words take on

New form and resonance,

Like old familiar rocks

That erode and blow as

Shifting sand into the desert.

Poetry is the time-lapse

Photography of the soul,

It relates the fragment

To the Whole


Tony Devaney


Birdsong by Jo Childs

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With Good Mental Health I have space and slience, space to speak my truth:


Let the rarer birds sing their song
Crows, move aside
Be still awhile; your squawking pains my ears  
And crowds my view
Give others space up there,
Space. And silence.
Those little ones are already trapped,
Distressed, cacophony
There is no need to clip their wings,
Just let them breathe
Take flight, and sing. 
Listen. Listen carefully
Their tune is soft,
Their melody is beauty,
Fleeting, but forever echoes


Well Mind by Sarah Worster

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My mind, now ordered in a common form,

I savour, simplified, a life mundane

Of clarity, perceived within the norm-

A fitness, fitting here, within the frame.

Observing pattern in the common race

I grasp, with gentle hand, its fractal light-

Not forcing, easing gently to my place,

I find myself at home with calm delight.

This early, springtime lightfall dearly won,

Illuminates a placement safe within,

As young leaves, budding in the morning sun

A place among the branching patterns win.

I would such freshness, as I here have found,

Could be forever held in mind, now sound.



I’ve Changed – BOOK SELECTION by Louise Gillett

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I’ve Changed

(A song on the theme: ‘With good mental health, I have’)

I’ve changed


I’ve come in out of the rain

And I feel fine


I was lonely, I was sad

Did not consider that I could

Evade the pain

But now I’ve changed again

And I am glad

I’m here


I’ve understood that life is good


I’m learning to appreciate again

And it’s not bad

There’s hope


I’m learning to communicate again

And it’s all good

Sing my refrain…

I’ve changed


And it’s all good again

I’m learning to appreciate…

I’m glad

Oh yes, I’m glad again.

Louise collects a handmade hardback book

She will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

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Her work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide


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Congratulations from all of us at !!



All is Well by Stephanie Rose

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With good mental health,

I see the light

I look all around

And all is bright.


With good mental health,

I feel fit and ready

I can go out and be active

Work keeps me steady.


With good mental health,

I show my love

I can express to others

All I’ve been thinking of.


With good mental health,

I seize the day

I look all around me

And everything’s okay.

Moving On, Singing a Song by Pat Dring

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She read one of her poems on TV.


For all the world to hear and see.


She also spoke softly of all her pain,


To show all the world what she had gained.


To the magazines she told her story,


To show the world, the before, the after, then the glory.


On the radio she told what it was like,


She told the world while she held the mike.


For ten whole years she answered letters from far and near,


From others who also had the fear.


Then one day she just gave it all up, and said no more.


AGORAPHOBIA, you won’t come back to my door,


It’s time to put you in the past where you belong.


While she goes off to sing a song,


At little Ps, the Methodists or J.A.M.


Singing nursery rhymes, just being NAN,


And maybe in her spare time,


She will still write the occasional rhyme.

With Good Mental Health by Amanda Mitchell

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I pray to god night and day

To guild me the right way

The strength I need to be-

Strong and believe in myself

To have good positive mental health

To be happy and joyful within

To live a life with out any sin

But sometimes he can be forgotten

When I’ve hit rock bottom

My life has had its ups and downs

But with good mental health-

I’ve turned my life around

I’ve travelled though depths of hell

I wonder if you can even tell

Because theses days my mental health is stable

And now I’m able- to stand up tall

What was once big is now small

No matter what life brings me now

I can face it some how

No bad voices harming me

Living life without worry

Quite happy and freely

With good mental health-

I can face each day with glee!

Life’s Vibrations by Ella Zellaby

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Queen bees quiver, skylarks sing,

Slowworms slither, cowbells ring,

Babies gurgle, children laugh

At the first made bleat of a precious calf.

With good mental health I hear

Spring’s vibrations in my ear.


Greenfly graze and locusts leap,

Lizards laze, spiders creep,

Bunnies lollop, farmhands banter,

March hares hop and ponies canter

In wildflower fields where monkey orchids grow,

The faithful wind their seeds did sow.

With good mental health I see

Boundless blessings life has given me.


The breeze blows, sun radiates,

Upon the lake a water boatman skates.

A hungry otter licks his lips

As a fantail darter flips,

A heron scales overhead,

Trepidly the terrapins tread.

With good mental health I have found

Life breaking through the ground.


Snow melts and freezes thaw,

Raw wounds heal and hurt no more.

Dark clouds eventually give way to sun,

Through new eyes downpours can be fun.

With good mental health I know

Through the tough times I will grow.


Over mountains and valleys I climb,

Discovering beauty so sublime,

Running fast and breaking free

From incessant worries that were haunting me.

Feeling that fortuitous state of flow,

Moving forward, on I go.

With good mental health I find

A healthy body and sound mind.


A squall erupts and thunder rumbles by,

Lightening illuminates the sky.

The heavens open, puddles form,

Peacocks parade a rain dance on the lawn.

Water worms wiggle in the streams,

Out of frogspawn new life teams.

Sanderlings saunter, crows caw,

On the thermals seagulls soar.

With good mental health I lift my eyes

Marvelling at majestic ever changing skies.