Bus Journey – BOOK SELECTION by Safoora

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I waited for the bus
I shaked when it approached
Thoughts raced inside my head say
“I can do this”
The bus stopped
I breathed in
Got on, flashed my bus pass
No exchange of words
Sat on the nearest available seat
Breathed in again
Glanced out of the window
Recognised the bus journey landmarks
As the bus passed
After five stops
I pressed the bell
The bus stopped
I got up
Wanted to say “Thank you”
But couldn’t get the words out
I breathed in
First bus journey
In five years
I smiled

Safoora collects a handmade hardback book

She will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

Congratulations from all of us at !!

Her work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide


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Congratulations from all of us at !!


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