The Wren – BOOK SELECTION by Ian Curtress

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The morning started much the same, it seemed that nothing really changed
…..and then I saw the tiny Wren.
I hadn’t seen a Wren before. I knew they were the smallest bird?  Had I read it or perhaps just heard.
It hopped between some rocks with skill so great…I found I was compelled to wait until it safely reappeared…..slightly ruffled but not dogeared.
My problems faded….my thoughts refreshed…..became enthralled….who would have guessed that tiny feathered work of art would find a place inside my heart.
It seemed as if a veil were lifted….had I been shown that I was gifted … see the World in all its glory and be part of this wondrous story.
The Wren had flown…to brighten up another home? unaware of the joy it brought….
and then I had another thought ……tomorrow a Sparrow or a Starling or my tiny feathered darling.
If they are busy i’ll understand….I have the trees,the flowers and……
the Sun,the sky not always blue but clouds can also change in hue.
Then there is the welcome rain to gently feed the Earth again.
My heart now lifts as each day dawns and sleepily between my yawns…..
I pick up paper and my pen….
                                        to write a thank you…
                                                                    My little Wren.

Ian collects a handmade hardback book

he will be presented with this at the House of Lords on the 1st May 2013

Congratulations from all of us at !!

his work will feature in The Yellow Book going nationwide


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Congratulations from all of us at !!


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