rethinkyourmind pilot for colleges- ran, for students and staff members of Peterborough Regional College, between; 15/11/15 & 15/02/16

PRC Poetry 2016 PRC Gallery 2016

Congratulations to the selected entrants! The first ever personalised Yellow Book for a College!

This pilot marks an historic collaboration between ‘rethinkyourmind’ and Peterborough Regional College which saw ‘The PRC Yellow Book’ launched on 25 May 2016.

“The range of entries for the PRC Yellow Book has been amazing and therefore a challenging choice for the judges.  I have been inspired and delighted by the chosen entries and I hope you will be.” Cherry Stewart – PRC College Counsellor

The Selected Artwork – well done to all!

To view the PRC Yellow Book 2016 please click the image below…


The Selected Poems – well done to all!

I’ve been thinking by Melissa Grosse

Our Will by Dave Lawson

Cycle of hope for all seasons by Susie Reynolds

New beginnings by Felicity Lyons

I feel better when I am by Sue Nuttall

Just a few things by Anna Wildman

My day was better because I knew you by Steph Pedlar

An early morning walk by Jennie Grove

Happiness cannot be defined by Leah Barfield

Little note to myself by Katie McAllister

Please scroll down to view all of the winners work!

Rethink Your Mind Single

3 winners selected for:

I feel better when I realise every human has an individual colour to match their personality
I feel better when I realise every human has an individual colour to match their personality

By: Emma-lea Sardeson

the single front cover artwork
I feel better when I make someone smile
I feel better when I make someone smile

By: Semjons Zaicevs

the single back cover artwork

Little note to myself

By: Katie McAllister

the winning poem selected to become the song lyrics

We deeply thank Peterborough Regional College and the generous contribution from the Students Union for creatively expressing well-being!

Thank you to all those who contributed, coached, supported, assessed and facilitated this pilot, it has been a pleasure to work with you on this ground-breaking project and to create this PRC well-being resource.

The Assessor Panel:

Ruth Campbell

Barry Devereux

Charley Genever

Lauren Irving

Keeley Mills

Tony Nero

Kathryn Wallis

Annie Welton

Thanks to all involved in the wonderful Prize Presentation at Peterborough Regional College on Wednesday 25th May 2016!