I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking for a while
About what makes me happy
When I am not
And I struggled at first,
Because everything seems so dark most of the time.
But then I remembered
That I like long soaks in the bath.
And I like warm mediterranean thunderstorms,
And cups of tea with big slices of cake
Playing hide and seek,
Climbing trees and jumping in puddles to hear the splash.
Watching the sun rise,
And things that are blue.
And I like the crash of the waves on the shore,
And how they wash the sand from my toes.
The way that roller coasters make my stomach feel,
And the compressed silence of being underwater.
I like reciting tongue twisters in silly voices,
And standing under the cherry tree
As it loses its petals.
And dropping sheets of ice on the ground
to hear them shatter,
Dancing in bare feet
And singing to no music.
I like bright lights
And loud noises,
Total silence
And absolute darkness.
I like moving
And thinking
And seeing
And touching
And tasting
And feeling
And nothing can stop that.

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