i feel better when iam

I feel better when i am
When i’m singing in my band
Out on the stage
guitar in my hand

strumming the chords
to my favourite songs
while every one dances
and sings along

Playing tunes from times gone by
Seeing the joy in every ones eyes

At the end of the night
As we dim the lights
packed on the floor
And shouting for more

the part of the evening
That makes us all sign
We Sing the last song
And say good bye

I’ve Been Thinking

I’ve been thinking for a while
About what makes me happy
When I am not
And I struggled at first,
Because everything seems so dark most of the time.
But then I remembered
That I like long soaks in the bath.
And I like warm mediterranean thunderstorms,
And cups of tea with big slices of cake
Playing hide and seek,
Climbing trees and jumping in puddles to hear the splash.
Watching the sun rise,
And things that are blue.
And I like the crash of the waves on the shore,
And how they wash the sand from my toes.
The way that roller coasters make my stomach feel,
And the compressed silence of being underwater.
I like reciting tongue twisters in silly voices,
And standing under the cherry tree
As it loses its petals.
And dropping sheets of ice on the ground
to hear them shatter,
Dancing in bare feet
And singing to no music.
I like bright lights
And loud noises,
Total silence
And absolute darkness.
I like moving
And thinking
And seeing
And touching
And tasting
And feeling
And nothing can stop that.

I feel better when I am in touch

I feel better when I am in touch

I look up and see you, blackbird.
The song you sing is lost to me.
I cannot hear you.
I don’t know why.
I walk on, acquainted with silence.

What has happened to me?
Why are my senses failing me?

I look up and see you, again.
I see you singing, but it’s lost on me.
I still cannot hear you.
I don’t know why.
I walk on, deafened by silence.

When did this happen to me?
How are my senses failing me?

I look up and see you, blackbird.
A song once heard touches me.
I sense your calling.
I want to understand.
I walk on, saddened by silence

Something is happening to me
Are my senses failing me?

I look up and see you, friend.
This time I know the song you sing.
I can hear you
I start to understand
I don’t walk on, overjoyed with sound.

I see you.
I hear you.
I know you.
I have found myself once more.

I feel better when I am laughing

I feel better when I am laughing

My Dad is the best, when it comes to a quip
His sharp retorts crack like a whip
My sisters and I took him on as a challenge
Mealtimes hilarious, except for poor Mum
Wanting to eat quietly and not listen to puns
So silence was ordered which we tried to obey
Though my dad with his gestures created affray
With each of us saying, “It was him, not me”
My Dad denying it with a face full of glee
Seeing laughter in life and telling it so
He’s enabled us all, to laugh through our woes
Not dismissing or diminishing that Life can be sad
And understanding with laughter it isn’t so bad
We’ve all had tough times, when we’ve all really tried
To not be depressed, but continuously cried
At unexpected loss whatever that was
And then in the post a ridiculous letter
Of nonsense, composed to make us feel better
The tears of loss that had made us feel sad
Became tears of laughter . . . . . .
Thank you so much to my wonderful DAD

I feel better when

I feel better when….
I get up in the morning
I feel free from my pain
I open my curtains
I have everything to gain

The small things matter
They touch me the most
A cup of hot tea
Or marmite on toast

The sun on my face
The wind in my hair
When I feel this good
I feel free and don’t care

I go through the day
You all see I am well
When inside my head
Is burning like hell

But with the help I get
I am starting to find
Life is getting better
I’m leaving the pain behind

I feel better when I think
About all the good I do
If I can feel like this
The remember so can you


Good To Be Alive

Good to be alive
Hi I’m Jo, was a lady wife
Had children 3
How I miss the noise and din
What’s for tea
Mum, why be glum?
I was a daughter with
Mischief galore,
Mum would say Jo
Close that door
And it’s me never trouble free
I have a brother and sister
To me they’re a pain
It’s like having a blister
And sheer bliss,
These 2 I don’t miss
At all, when I don’t get a call
So out of doors I go, I see
There are birds in the trees
Humming bees
Sky so blue
Glad I am me not you
Good health, good news
Today I am cancer free
So glad, yes lucky me
I know at mindset
My mind is set on
Getting a job daily
And not lazing around like a slob
So Jo it’s good to be alive
No more trouble and strife
Goodbye Jo Willbye


Those Little Things…

I am better when I am…

Spending time with those who matter.

You know… those who really matter because they need me and I, in turn, need them. That time is special time and more precious than a diamond of very many carats in size.

Communing with nature in the big outdoors.

You know…those places that blow me away through their sheer, wild beauty, that are teeming with life, so amazing in its diversity and wondrous in its intricacy and, without doubt, utterly priceless.

Thinking of others and their feelings and needs.

You know…those who, when I think of all that gets me down, still have more problems and woes than I have ever had in my lifetime. Thoughts and actions to help them smile are beyond earthly worth to me.

Making time stand still.

You know…closing my eyes, listening and feeling while the world goes about its day. No words attached to sensations; just a deep feeling of peace and acceptance. No value attached, but plenty added.

Facing the monsters.

You know…those moments of fear and worry when nothing seems real. I have a face for that monster and some words to hurl until it backs away. And it does, without payment, when challenged.

Counting blessings and saying thank-you.

You know…there is so much I take for granted and yet so much I am in awe of. Saying thank you for those little things turns dark into light and negative into positive, like turning honey drops into golden memories.

Filling up time so life’s busy, busy, busy.

You know…those empty moments can hold unwanted thoughts that full calendars can dispel. If I have plans and obligations in front of me then my focus is clear, like a faceted crystal in sunlight.

Laughing as long and loudly as possible.

You know…making the most of those chances to relax and outpour pent up emotions, no matter how small and inconsequential the trigger. The merit of uncontrollable mirth pays dividends beyond the contents of any purse.

Remember those little things. One day, looking back, they may appear, after all, to have been the biggest things in life.

Cycle of Hope for All Seasons

I am better when I am…

Tucked up in bed on a freezing cold night,
Feeling the hope of days longer in light,
Scanning dusk skies for swift birds flying home,
Dreaming of warm summer beaches to roam.

Cloaked in the words of a well-written book,
Resting alongside a cool, babbling brook,
Watching new life bursting forth on the trees,
Smelling the scent of lush grass on the breeze.

Bathed in bright sunlight, so warm on my skin,
Releasing good feelings long buried within,
Hoping for time standing still for a while,
Capturing freedom defined by a smile.

Buried knee-deep in crisp leaves from the fall,
Listening intently for autumn’s shrill call,
Watching the sun rising lower each day,
Brushing the memories of summer away.

Drenched in soft candlelight, fragrant and warm,
Longing for calm at the end of the storm,
Seeking some solace with friends old and new,
Waiting for winter, her cold, vacant hue.

Clothed in thick woollens, facing north’s air,
Sending good wishes to mark a new year,
Waking to find the world clothed in pure white,
Tucking up warm on a freezing cold night.

what makes me happy

What is to be happy?
Happy is meaning to go and have fun.
A happy person is good person.
That is what people are made of.

Make homeless person to feel happy.
A homeless person will respect that.
Knowing that you help him.
Every day you can make changes if you can do to change the world.
Same with hope if you hope to change the world you need to do that.

Make changes, help people to be happy.
Every day be happy and help people.

Happy is feeling you feel when you have nice time
A propose to girl what you love
People are same, make them happy
Poor or not help them you will be happy
You can change the world just need to do the best at it.

Change your life help people and be happy.

Music is like Medication

Music is my life.
I could not survive if I did not have music, I would lose it
Music to me is like medication, because you can listen to it at any occasion
There is one thing about music, you can never move it

Here is a tip
Finding something you love is always up above
Every day I listen to music because it moves me to bits
You are always going to have your ups and downs but remember you should be proud
Because if you believe you will see it

my own time

I like to socialise with my friends
Around and around we walk
Through snow ,ice and hale

I like to read books
Over and over time passes
I ride the currents of time
I cannot sense time it self
I am lost in my own world of time

I like to play my Games
To learn and strategise
Use my mind, think and advise

The most of all I like to see my family
Every night I get to my family
Waiting for news of what might be
But the sound of silence is soothing to me

Just a few things…

Tiny arms that grasp you tight,
Pleasant dreams throughout the night,
Gazing at flickering candle-light,
These things make me better.

Singing a song with joy in my heart,
Words of wisdom to kindly impart,
Employing pianistic fingers to dart,
These things make me better.

Giving in charity and agape love,
Raindrops sprinkling from above,
Faith, hope and peace like a dove,
These things make me better.

New Beginnings

That day,
Everything was new,
A new place, new people, a new routine,
But it felt right,
Especially when I met you,

From day one,
I finally felt like it was somewhere I fit in,
Even if it was just a little bit,
And suddenly I had a clean slate,
A fresh canvas ready to begin,

Perhaps it was the thought of a new start,
Where no one knew me,
There was no one to hold me back,
Push me too fast,
I was a caged bird set free,

And that’s when I met them,
My new friends to be,
The college clan,
As I like to call them,
Who truly care for me,

A year later,
And we’re as thick as thieves,
The A team of the campus,
We’re like a happy family,
Battling through life’s madness,

Without them I don’t know where I’d be,
So I thank the stars we met,
Whatever the future holds,
These years are the ones,
I’ll never forget.