New Beginnings

That day,
Everything was new,
A new place, new people, a new routine,
But it felt right,
Especially when I met you,

From day one,
I finally felt like it was somewhere I fit in,
Even if it was just a little bit,
And suddenly I had a clean slate,
A fresh canvas ready to begin,

Perhaps it was the thought of a new start,
Where no one knew me,
There was no one to hold me back,
Push me too fast,
I was a caged bird set free,

And that’s when I met them,
My new friends to be,
The college clan,
As I like to call them,
Who truly care for me,

A year later,
And we’re as thick as thieves,
The A team of the campus,
We’re like a happy family,
Battling through life’s madness,

Without them I don’t know where I’d be,
So I thank the stars we met,
Whatever the future holds,
These years are the ones,
I’ll never forget.

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