Our Will’

2016, a year of great note!
The Nation hails the man who wrote
Publication of works voluminous
Sometimes tragic, often humorous
Some, with a great deal of cynicism
Wrongly accuse him of plagiarism
Christopher Marlowe often thought
That the bard’s works came to nought
Now a whole four centuries later
We venerate Macbeth’s creator
His plays are the most prolific
And his sonnets are terrific
Not a topic is taboo
About nothing, much ado
With characters homoerotic
And, some kings, near despotic
Viola, it is quite distressing
Attains her love via cross-dressing
Sir Toby, in an awful funk
Resorts, naturally to get drunk
Hamlet, full of dread and fear
Resulting from a poisoned ear
Shylock pound of flesh the cost
Antonio, but for Portia, lost
Julius Caesar, out of luck
With a lot of knives is stuck

Shakespeare’s works have great diameter
I feel better when I am bic pentameter!

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