Cycle of Hope for All Seasons

I am better when I am…

Tucked up in bed on a freezing cold night,
Feeling the hope of days longer in light,
Scanning dusk skies for swift birds flying home,
Dreaming of warm summer beaches to roam.

Cloaked in the words of a well-written book,
Resting alongside a cool, babbling brook,
Watching new life bursting forth on the trees,
Smelling the scent of lush grass on the breeze.

Bathed in bright sunlight, so warm on my skin,
Releasing good feelings long buried within,
Hoping for time standing still for a while,
Capturing freedom defined by a smile.

Buried knee-deep in crisp leaves from the fall,
Listening intently for autumn’s shrill call,
Watching the sun rising lower each day,
Brushing the memories of summer away.

Drenched in soft candlelight, fragrant and warm,
Longing for calm at the end of the storm,
Seeking some solace with friends old and new,
Waiting for winter, her cold, vacant hue.

Clothed in thick woollens, facing north’s air,
Sending good wishes to mark a new year,
Waking to find the world clothed in pure white,
Tucking up warm on a freezing cold night.

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