Those Little Things…

I am better when I am…

Spending time with those who matter.

You know… those who really matter because they need me and I, in turn, need them. That time is special time and more precious than a diamond of very many carats in size.

Communing with nature in the big outdoors.

You know…those places that blow me away through their sheer, wild beauty, that are teeming with life, so amazing in its diversity and wondrous in its intricacy and, without doubt, utterly priceless.

Thinking of others and their feelings and needs.

You know…those who, when I think of all that gets me down, still have more problems and woes than I have ever had in my lifetime. Thoughts and actions to help them smile are beyond earthly worth to me.

Making time stand still.

You know…closing my eyes, listening and feeling while the world goes about its day. No words attached to sensations; just a deep feeling of peace and acceptance. No value attached, but plenty added.

Facing the monsters.

You know…those moments of fear and worry when nothing seems real. I have a face for that monster and some words to hurl until it backs away. And it does, without payment, when challenged.

Counting blessings and saying thank-you.

You know…there is so much I take for granted and yet so much I am in awe of. Saying thank you for those little things turns dark into light and negative into positive, like turning honey drops into golden memories.

Filling up time so life’s busy, busy, busy.

You know…those empty moments can hold unwanted thoughts that full calendars can dispel. If I have plans and obligations in front of me then my focus is clear, like a faceted crystal in sunlight.

Laughing as long and loudly as possible.

You know…making the most of those chances to relax and outpour pent up emotions, no matter how small and inconsequential the trigger. The merit of uncontrollable mirth pays dividends beyond the contents of any purse.

Remember those little things. One day, looking back, they may appear, after all, to have been the biggest things in life.

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