k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen A Pug in a Hat When I’m down or feeling flat, I think about a pug in a hat. When I’m tired and full of sighs, I think of hedgehogs with goggly eyes. When I toss and turn ‘cause I can’t sleep, I think of pink fields with purple sheep. When I’m fed up of all the knocks, I think of lizards in fluffy socks. When I can’t get up ‘cause I’m too low, I think of penguins playing tick tack toe. When I wish I’d never been born, I think of squirrels chewing ears of corn. When I feel I just can’t do a thing, I think of frogs decked out with bling. When I sit hoping this feeling passes, I think of parrots wearing reading glasses. When I start to think I’ve lost the plot, I think of a bulldog asleep in a cot. When I’m mad or feeling sour, I think of hippos dancing on a flower. All these things can make me grin, Like a cow playing chess on a wheelie bin. So next time you’re down or feeling flat, Remember to think of a pug in a hat. Gem Moran Poetry 64