Music New for 2017, we will be recording a project single at Abbey Road Studios with thanks to Ross Simpson of Woodbury Studios. Ross has also supported us with the recording of Mindful Meds scripts and the entire production at Abbey Road – thank you so much! ~ We are delighted to continue working with Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios in Leicester for all the recording and some mixing and mastering of the ‘rethinkyourmind’ music and spoken word poems. His expertise in this field is second to none and we feel privileged to be working alongside him. Extra thanks this year to Adam, for developing the choir parts for the project single, to be recorded at Abbey Road Studios. ~ Our thanks to all those who have supported us with photography & videography particularly: James Garrett, Ross Simpson, Scott Choucino, Stephanie Taylor King and Doug Jenkinson ~ Acknowledgement to Ambrose Musiyiwa for the photograph of Lydia Towsey on page 105 Wellbeing Our thanks to those who supported Claire in her writing of The Yellow Book’s centre of wellbeing: Page 14: Sandra Lindon for the wellbeing bank account Page 22: Jaclyn Dunne for the nutritional advice Page 23: Sue Forman for the relaxation practice Page 25: Vicky Connolly for the gratitude pebble Page 27: Nikki Robinson for the stretching exercise Page 28: Ash Noakes for the mandala Page 32: Linda Swanton for the emotional scale Page 37: Debbie Walmsley for the NLP technique And in general to Sam Poyser, Tracey Harley, Hannah Morrice, Steve Walton & Anne Hirst for your support, guidance & feedback. P.R - Thank you to Natalie Cheary for your valuable contribution and support over the past 3 years, with all the various Press and media opportunities. General Support Thank you to Marilyn Johnson for the admin support in both 2015 and 2017. ~ Deepest gratitude to Fran Singer who helped the project gain recognition by the top mental health institutions, at its inception. ~ Personal thanks from Pete to SISO for many years of support and for allowing him to change the direction of his life through this project. k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Thank you 141