k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen 45 Creatively expressing wellbeing When we express ourselves creatively, we feel better. There are lots of ways to express yourself but this project focuses on poetry, art, photography, craft and music. In the following pages of ‘Selected Entries’, we feature the 50 pieces selected from the 500 online submissions. The first 14 represent the main winners whose creations were made into the project music as: lyrics, spoken word or artwork for the covers. We also feature here, the 4 project music artists that donate their songs to the project: Mark Morriss, Lucy Ward, refuge & now a college music student. Music really adds another dimension to the project and having your poem developed into lyrics can be really exciting! New for 2017, was a pilot for colleges to include rethinkyourmind on the curriculum. Leicester College and Peterborough Regional College took part. The music students all developed a song from Romalyn Ante’s poem: ‘Morning Run’ (from the 2015 edition of The Yellow Book) in their composition lessons. The acts chosen to represent the colleges performed their songs at The Guildhall, in front of the judging panel, pictured opposite, and 130 of their fellow students. Tara Pasveer, of Peterborough Regional college was selected as the overall winner. Also new for 2017 is our Project Single written by Project Creator, Pete Hirst & Phil Seaman & Sam Munton of refuge – the song expresses what this project is all about and will be recorded with a choir at Abbey Road studios in October 2017. This choir will be led by the talented Pippa & Lizzie of Voxed Up. All of this content will be launched as ‘The Audio Yellow Book 2017’ in October and available to download from our website from 11-11-17.