k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Meet The Panels 98 “It’s the third running of this great competition and the standard and quantity of entries improves year upon year. The quality of entries of art, photos and poems and the resulting ‘Yellow book’ shows an uplifting and creative meeting of minds.” Gary Hodges Chair of the Art/Photography Assessor Panel “Yet again, shortlisting and picking the final winners was made extraordinarily difficult because the standard of writing was so innovative, heartfelt, insightful and above all, uplifting. Poetry in the UK is alive and well!” Lydia Towsey Chair of the Poetry Assessor Panel “I have loved being one of the judges for this Project, I have felt inspired and frequently humbled by the range and creative delivery of ideas relating to the theme. The winning entries are wonderful and reflect the diversity in media and approach of the entries this year.” Jenny Escritt Art/Photography Assessor “The quality of work was excellent this year, and choosing the winning pieces was a real challenge! All the work featured in the little yellow book is incredibly valuable, both to encourage others to use creativity as a way to make sense of their experiences and to promote mental health awareness.” Steven McLoughlin Art/Photography Assessor