k u .co. mind our y think re #IFeelBetterWhen Dear Reader Wow, it’s 4 years since the first yellow book was published! Now, over 34,000 books later, I’m loving how it continues to grow, the lives it has touched and continues to reach. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my early 20’s after spending a total of 11 months on the hospital wards. During the early stages of my recovery, supported by SISO and Advance, I was inspired to create this resource to bring a sense of hope and connectedness to others. ‘I Feel Better When I am’ is the project focus, encouraging people to get creative around what helps them feel better. It’s still amazing to witness the uplifting effect the submissions have on both the creator and the reader. Music is my creative outlet and when this was combined with wellbeing support techniques and the medical approach; the magic happened for me. It may well be different for you, we are all unique, so it’s helpful to have different options available. The Yellow Book’s Centre of Wellbeing section provides tools that can help. Just like a set of keys, it can unlock different doors to wellbeing. When I found the ones that worked for me, my life changed for the better. I now regularly practise mindfulness and meditation and have been delighted to create #MindfulMeds with Claire and fellow refuge band members. Free ones are available through this book, and more in The Audio Yellow Book. I send thanks to all the wonderful people that have supported this venture and live in deepest gratitude to my family, friends and colleagues who have supported me in my role and on my journey. In Kindness, Pete Hirst Rethinkyourmind: Project Manager & Creator Develop-Insite CIC: Joint Owner Welcome