The School Yellow Book

“The School Yellow Book is about building emotional resilience and intelligence so when students are faced with mental health challenges, as all of us will experience on some level, they will have the resilience to know whether they can manage it themselves with the practices that they have made a habit of in their lives, or whether they need more help. The back of the book signposts to national organisations and charities that can support. The wellbeing section gives practices to help build that resilience, for a parent to work with child, teacher to work with child, child to work on own or adult to work on own. It’s about using the practices to build your own empowered resilience.”

Claire Evans company MD, Mindfulness Specialist,
Author of the wellbeing section & owner of The Centre of Wellbeing

The 1st edition of The School Yellow Book began with Desford Community Primary School in Leicestershire, Leventhorpe Secondary School in Hertfordshire and Marshfields Community Special School in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

After music and wellbeing sessions from the rethinkyourmind team, the creative project was brought to lessons with students producing art, photography and poetry around the #IFeelBetterWhen theme. Pieces from each school were then selected by professional assessors to be published in The School Yellow Book – first ever edition!

We were delighted that winners joined us at the Prize Presentation at The House of Lords on our Company’s 5th anniversary: 10 September 2019

Each school has its own gallery to view: