Congratulations to all those who created the #IFeelBetterWhen pieces that are published in The School Yellow Book. It has been a pleasure to develop this new wellbeing resource with Desford Community Primary School in Leicestershire – The Leventhorpe School in Hertfordshire and Marshfields Community Special School in Peterborough Cambridgeshire.

It was wonderful to celebrate with you all at the Prize Presentation at The House of Lords Hosted by Professor Lord Patel of Bradford OBE on our company’s 5th birthday.

Desford Community Primary School

Selected #IFeelBetterWhen art published in The School Yellow Book

Walking Willow
Ocean Sunset
Spending Time with Family
Dancing in Summer
Cuddles with Mum
Calm Dark Nights

Selected #IFeelBetterWhen poetry published in The School Yellow Book

“This project has been such a positive experience for everyone in our school. It has provided us with an opportunity to begin to discuss mental health with our children and encourage them to consider and reflect on how they feel mentally as well as physically. It then provided a unique creative outlet for them to express these feelings.”

Becky Worley PSHE coordinator – Desford Community Primary School

The Leventhorpe School

Selected #IFeelBetterWhen art published in The School Yellow Book

Look above the clouds
By the Seaside
Bridge to Ngoc Son
Taking Flight
The Big Sky
We are so happy and privileged to be a part of The School Yellow Book project. Our students produced some fantastic creative work back in December and it kick started a real shift on focussing on mental health in a positive way rather than the historical negative way.

We are now looking to furnish each student with a copy of The School Yellow Book and use them in PSHE lessons and form time activities to help students identify emotions and strategies to cope. The #IFeelBetterWhen project really has helped the students in our school look at mental health through a different lens and appreciate the individuality and differences in the people around them and how others may deals with this, it really has helped students understand empathy.”

Alex Francis – Assistant Headteacher, Pastoral lead – The Leventhorpe School

Marshfields Community Special School

Selected #IFeelBetterWhen art published in The School Yellow Book

I love to be
Bright Garden
Kind & Calm
Drawing & Sketches

Selected #IFeelBetterWhen poetry published in The School Yellow Book

“Marshfields School is committed to helping our children to develop confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy. It was therefore a privilege to be asked to be involved in The School Yellow Book Project, which has helped to raise awareness of their personal wellbeing and what makes them happy. The children were all excited to be involved, and our winners are very much looking forward to their trip to London to celebrate their success. Well done to everyone involved, and many thanks to the Yellow Book Project team for this opportunity.”

Debbie Drane – Assistant Headteacher – Marshfields Community Special School

The Yellow Book Gallery

A huge thank you to all at New Walk Gallery and Museum in Leicester for displaying the highly commended work from Desford Community Primary School. See the work from Desford featured on East Midlands Today.

The School Yellow Book Assessors

Thank you to all the Assessors that generously gave their time to the project.

Visual Art – Emma Fay, Will Johnston, Gillian McFarland, Siyuan Ren
Poetry – Joy Chance, Josie Dom, Rob Gee


“I have loved being involved with this project. Seeing such a high quality of work, from students of different ages and backgrounds has been so much fun and it’s not been easy choosing the winners. Congratulations to all involved!”

Will Johnston
Visual Art Assessor


“It’s such a pleasure assessing the artworks for the Yellow Book project! Although it is never easy to choose between the lovely and thoughtful expressions about wellbeing which come from the wonderful submissions.”

Emma Fay
Visual Art Assessor


“When I was asked to assess children’s poetry for The Yellow Book project, I did not know what to expect. One thing I did not expect was to have my own spirits lifted, but that is what happened when I read through the entries. Life is simpler for children in that they see things in black and white, and with this perspective comes the ability to change the state of your own mental health through your own actions. The children have really taken on the message of #Ifeelbetterwhen and interpreted it in their own ways. Assessing the poems was tricky because they all had their own merits and each is individual.”

Josie Dom
Poetry Assessor


“Reading the children’s poetry the letters became more than linear words expressing their emotions and reflections on a page. The children’s poems captured the colour and depth of their realities. Their honesty, optimism and trust; their existence, uncertainties and hopes. Every line I read was relatable which presented me with challenges during the assessment process. I was overwhelmed by the sensory experience of reading such articulate poetry therefore found the task difficult to make choices because the quality of the written word was outstanding. I finally choose a cross section of work that reflected today’s life and society through a child’s eyes.”

Joy Chance
Poetry Assessor