Congratulations to the 30 selected entrants being published in the first ever personalised NHS Yellow Book for Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust!

Winners joined us for the prize presentation at the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery Leicester. Images were then featured in a gallery at New Walk Museum.

As part of this exciting investment from LPT, 10,000 copies were printed and distributed for free across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

“Leicestershire partnership NHS Trust has long been a supporter of The Yellow Book. We have made this resource available through our services and the reaction has been so positive. We worked with Pete & Claire to develop our own personalised version ‘The LPT Yellow Book 2017/18’, containing images, artwork, words and poetry all created by people local to Leicester. I would encourage others to do the same.

This book has inspired hundreds of people to express themselves through different media to aid their own recovery and maintain their own wellbeing. The standard of entries was fantastic and I congratulate all those that have been selected as winners. Well done to all those involved.”

Dr Pete Miller Chief Executive,
Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

The Selected Artwork & Photography – well done to all!

The Selected Poems – well done to all!

The LPT music single ‘Out of the Blue’ by refuge. music video by Emma Fay & the team at Enter Edem.

Winners speak about there art forms at the New Walk Museum Prize Presentation

See refuge recording the song at Deadline Studios Leicester. video created by James Douglas Films

Please scroll down to view the winners work!

Rethink Your Mind Single

3 winners selected for:

Blowing in the wind
By: Joy Gravestock

the single front cover artwork

By: Siyuan Ren

the single back cover artwork

Out of the Blue

By: Steve Walton

the winning poem selected to become the song lyrics

We deeply thank Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust for creatively expressing wellbeing!

It was a pleasure to work with them on this ground-breaking project and to create this LPT wellbeing resource.

Thank you to all those from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who contributed, coached, supported, assessed and facilitated this project!

The Assessor Panels:

LPT Art & Photography Panel:
Geoff Beasley, Trevor Bent, Lewis Buttery, Gillian McFarland, G Sian

LPT Assessor: Mark McConnochie

LPT Poetry Panel:
Rob Gee, Charley Genever, Maxine Linnell

LPT Assessors: Sheila Ashton, Emma Gartland, Pete Miller

‘It was a huge privilege to be part of the team that assessed the many inspiring images submitted for The LPT Yellow Book 2017. I believe this final selection illustrates an exciting combination of individual talent, passion for life, joy and endearing innocence all focused on sharing images of well being. It has been a totally uplifting experience enhanced by so many positive thoughts.’

Trevor Bent
Art/Photography Assessor


‘The process of selection for this year’s Yellow Book was a real back and forth between us as assessors. The odd piece was unanimous but the vast majority of the selection took a great deal of debate and democratic voting to come to a decision on. Each and every one of us had pieces in mind for selection that didn’t get through. Congratulations to the winners, there was no shortage of talent!’

Lewis Buttery
Art/Photography Assessor


‘I found the standard of the photographic images being of a very high quality and covering a variety of different artistic styles. It was a difficult challenge in making a shortlist and finally choosing the winning images. I pass on my thanks and my congratulations to all the photographers who submitted images to the competition and made our job so difficult.’

Mark McConnochie
Art/Photography Assessor


“My admiration goes to all who shared their expression. Keep making – keep expressing”

G Sian
Art/Photography Assessor


‘I was impressed with the diversity of material. There was a huge array, something for all my moods, and I don’t consider myself shallow. We found it really hard selecting a shortlist. It was like Twelve Angry Men meets Kind Hearts and Coronets. My favourite poem of all didn’t make it in! The whole experience has taught me a lot about compromise.’

Rob Gee
Poetry Assessor


‘This project is such a vital space for allowing creative conversations about mental health and I am honoured to have been involved. The range of responses to the theme really made me heart sing, and it made my job so tough! It’s important to remember the bravery it took to submit in the first place, so thank you to all entries for allowing me to read your brilliant work.’

Charley Genever
Poetry Assessor


‘It was difficult to choose only nine poems from all the submissions. Poetry, writing it and reading it, can be a good way to help us feel better. I appreciate all the voices of people who have shared their experiences in their writing.’

Maxine Linnell
Poetry Assessor


Thank you to all those from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who contributed, coached, supported, assessed and facilitated this project!