MY MOTHER by Debra Hudson

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My Mother taught me to be independent and helped me ot become the person I am


My Mother’s name was Peggy,


she was born on June the 7th.


Her parent’s names were Tom and Anne,


she was a gift from heaven.




My Mother had a brother,


but they did not get on well.


He thought she was embarrassing,


I was not there, it’s hard to tell.




My Mother went to Ballet,


when she was a little girl.


She loved it all so very much,


she became a real show girl.




My Mother joined a drama group,


she played a lot of parts.


As she gradually got older,


it became a very fine art.




My Mother went to college,


and became a very good teacher.


She married Dad, a really good match


he turned out to be a teacher.




My Mother had 3 children,


who were all born 3 weeks late,


Lucy didn’t want to come out,


But she was worth the wait.




My Mother was always there for us,


She loved us no matter what,


He love was unconditional,


She gave it all she’d got.




My Mother was my great support


as I had special needs,


For 39 years she fought for me,


And did many, many good deeds.




My Mother became a Grandmother,


To three boys and a girl.


She did not want to be called Gran,


they called her Peg, the pearl.




My Mother died years later in May,


At the age of 67,


She’d had a good life, we all would say.


                       And now she’s gone to heaven


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