Joy and Hope by Georgina Wakefield

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Joy is a touch to a lonely hand

More meaningful if it isn’t planned

Joy is the wetness of a puppy’s nose

The dew on the petal of a fragrant rose

It’s the sound of a lazy meandering stream

It’s the waking from a magical dream

It’s the sun breaking through on a bright spring day

Keeping negative vibes at bay

It’s the hope in a prayer on a dark stormy night

Restoring our strength in life’s long fight

It’s the understanding when problems are tough

The calm that follows when seas are rough

It’s love and support for a loved one whose ill

More healing than any potion or pill

A voice bringing comfort on the end of the phone

Assuring you that you’re never alone

Joy is the smell of new mown grass

Following a winter that’s over at last

There’s joy in the feel of fresh fallen snow

In children’s faces alive and a glow

There’s joy in the trust of a lifelong friend

In the knowledge that the closeness will never end

Joy is 2 lovers holding hands

Embracing the future and making plans

There’s joy in finding new ways to cope

And being safe in the knowledge

There is always HOPE

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