Being Me by Chris Brown

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With good mental health I can be myself and not pretend

And ask for help from stranger and friend,

I can win or lose and both are fine

I can be early or late and lose track of time.

I can get things right or get them wrong

I can be out of tune when I sing my song.

I can make mistakes and choose the wrong path

And not get upset when others laugh.

I can have good days and bad ones too

And know that tomorrow I’ll start anew

I can be active or have a Duvet Day

I can work, or rest, or  go out to play

I can do exactly as I please

And not be offended by a little tease.

I can sometimes be stroppy and not always kind

But not worry that again I am losing my mind.

I can tell it how it is and  take people to task

And not hide behind my “Best Behaviour” mask.

With good mental health I can be free

With good mental health I can just be ME!

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