Back From The Brink by Emma Waterfall

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For ages I was lost, lower and lower I’d sink

But now I am back, back from the brink

I’d lost everything I had, including my mind

But now I’m back with a bang, with all the strength I can find

The trick is to look at everything you see

And think to yourself “What’s the best for me?”

That bleak picture surrounded by a window frame

Is now my vibrant life … just with a different name

The bed which was my everything, my raft in a storm

Is now a tranquil haven, blissful and warm

Sadness, anxiety, sickness, doctors’ potions

Are replaced with contentment, peace and positive emotions

Demons in the stomach, filled with dread and doom

Are now butterfies of anticipation, free and loving the room

The people you think are so perfect and condone

Are all souls in this world with struggles of their own

For ages YOU were lost, lower and lower YOU would sink

But now have the strength to come back from the brink

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