“I’m Grateful”

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I’m grateful for so many things as I travel through this life
I’m grateful to be a Mother l’m grateful to be a wife
I’m grateful for my family I’m grateful for good friends
I’m grateful for beating Cancer on a list that never ends
I’m grateful for NHS staff and the care they kindly give
I’m grateful for this life which I’m so privileged to live
I’m grateful for my husband whose stood beside me as a Carer
Caring for our youngest son whose life should have been much fairer
He has missed out on so many things but thank God he found a way
To cope. With his condition and find the strength to fight each day
I’m grateful to hear the birds in song a pleasure so often denied
I’m grateful for my eyesight
Again lucks been on my side
I’m grateful that I’ve reached 76 for too many die too young
I’m grateful that I was given the chance to carry on
Where we live is so important because that decides our fate
The wars we watch from our comfortable homes
Wars filled with so much hate
I’d be grateful if the world found peace
With some help from up above
With some divine intervention and hates replaced with LOVE
So when I reflect upon this troubled world that we all wake up to every day
I’m truly very grateful that I reside in our UK

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