I’m grateful to say

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I will travel the world one day
Maybe I’ll fly to space and see the Milky Way
I might even climb a mountain
Maybe skinny dip in a fountain
Oh I must stop this over thinking
My brains gonna start shrinking
Perhaps I could jump through fiery hoops
Fly with the red arrows and do loop the loops
Though It’s unlikely i’d take up ski jumping
But I know I must do something
I may sing in a church choir
Oh am such a good liar
I can’t even sing for my supper
As much as I’d love ta
I could join the circus and be a clown
Move to the other side of the world or just stay where I am
I could say yes more
Or I could study Law
It would be nice to learn to read music or write a song
Go to the gym and get myself strong
For now I need to learn just to be myself
It will be good for my mental health
Also we should care more about one another
But I do feel the worlds people still need to recover
From the pandemic of Covid and remembering those we lost
I hope it will never happen again at any cost
I’ve worn myself out now thinking what more can I write
But I’m nearly finished to yours and my delight
If I’m honest I’d like to be a scientist and find a cure for disease
And most of all I wish for is no more wars and world peace
The very last thing I’m very grateful to say
I’m glad I reside in the good old UK

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