The Leicester College Audio Yellow Book

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We have been delighted to work with Leicester College to produce a personalised version of The Audio Yellow Book. The Leicester College Audio Yellow Book features all the wellbeing tools and mindful practices available in the national resource and includes creative work from students in both the music and art departments. A free copy of this resource is available college wide for all students and staff to download.

Students and staff also have access to the online version of The Yellow Book Flipbook which mirrors up to the audio resource.

The Audio Yellow Book is a digital wellbeing resource, providing simple tools, practices, spoken word and music with the aim to help empower people in maintaining their health.

Music students created compositions around wellbeing and those selected performed at an event at the Sue Townsend Theatre alongside acts from Peterborough College. Back 23 were chosen by assessors as the best live act and their track was recorded and produced by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios to feature on the resource.

Leicester College Student Ben Morris had previously joined us at the world renowned Abbey Road Studios to record in the choir and featured on the wellbeing single ‘I Feel Better When’ released to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing.

Leicester College Students were tasked with creating the cover art to the resource inspired by the things that uplifted them and kept them well.

’Amid the pandemic when our mental health has been pushed to its limits, the need for creativity has never been more apparent. The project has given our students a platform to express themselves through compelling visual art. It was an inspiration to see our young people immerse themselves in this project creating honest, thought evoking images’.

Natalie Ventrone
Work Placements Coordinator for Creative Arts and Media,
Leicester College

The cover art to the resource was created by Amari Corrodus and was selected from the wonderful entries below, by professional artist and rethinkyourmind assessor Siyuan Ren

“My paintings are often described by others as romantic and melancholy. Flowers are the constant subject of my art, and above all, my passion lies in painting peonies the national flower of China reflecting my deep love and nostalgia for the country of my birth.

Among all the different styles of Chinese painting, I like gongbi the most its fine and elegant strokes are perfect for portraying the delicate beauty of flowers. However, the extreme delicacy and meticulousness required in the gongbi technique also makes itself a test of patience and spiritual equilibrium such qualities are now rare to see in fast-paced modern society. I take joy from this trial every time when I paint, and experience it as a self-meditation, as a quiet respite from a hectic modern life. The traditional Four Treasures of the Study used in Chinese painting brush, ink, paper and ink stone creates a tangible atmosphere of Chinese culture no matter where I am. I feel I am on a life long mission to introduce classical Chinese art and culture to the world.”

Website – Siyuan Ren