College Music Project

After the success of the 1st college music project with Peterborough Regional College and Leicester College. The Project is back providing more opportunities for students. 

Both colleges have once again written the project in to their curriculum producing songs in composition lessons using a winning poem from the yellow book to create the lyrics. Students are also writing lyrics for the chance to become part of Mark Morriss’s new track for the rethinkyourmind project. Songs will be available to listen to from this page soon.



The project asks students to take this poem, ‘Mindfulness’ by Helen Washington, develop the poem into lyrics, create a song, record it and submit it to the College Music Department.



Two music artists will then be selected by each college to represent them at the Bands Showcase. Chosen artists will then perform at the 260 seater venue: Sue Townsend Theatre, Leicester. March 28th 2019 for the chance to become the next rethinkyourmind music artist . The event is an enrichment day for all music students at the colleges and includes talks from industry professionals. More info coming soon.



We are delighted that Mark Morriss has given students the chance to become the lyrics to his new song. Students are asked to submit lyrics around the #IFeelBetterWhen theme to lecturers for the chance to become the lyrics to Mark Morriss’s new project track. The song will also be made in to a music video