Thanks for all the entries for #TheYellowBook, the #SoundsInspired single & #TheAudioYellowBook cover.

The assessment has now taken place and the 50 selected entrants will be announced on 8th November.

We send deepest gratitude to the assessors. Find out more about them all here – Professor Shearer West CBE, Lamar Francios, Dr. Ulrike Kuchner, Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett, Subin Jaji, Emma Fay, Gillian Adair McFarland, Siyuan Ren.

We send our thanks to the assessors and everyone involved…

We are delighted that, this year, as well as the national Yellow Book, students and staff at the University of Nottingham have been creating to become part of a personalised Yellow Book for their university: ‘The UoN Physics and Astronomy Yellow Book’  We were also thrilled to work with Desford Community Primary School again as they created entries in school time. And delighted to have our first international entries from the Physiotherapy Students and Staff at the University of Melbourne School of Health Sciences, Australia!

This music video was created by James Douglas Films & the song was recorded mixed & mastered at Deadline Studios by Adam Ellis

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