#SoundsInspired #TheAudioYellowBook

A song is created with the lyrics focusing on wellbeing – After a presentation of the project students are asked to create the cover art for the song based on how the music and lyrics inspire them. The track and cover art then features on #TheAudioYellowBook a digital wellbeing resource, providing simple tools, practices, spoken word and music with the aim to help empower people in maintaining their health. Students also have opportunities for their art to be presented in a gallery and be published in #TheYellowBook –

Mark Morriss of 1990’s chart topping band ‘The Bluetones’ worked with ‘refuge’ to create the singles for this project.

#SoundsInspired – Desford Community Primary School

Over 300 amazing pieces were created in class time. Professional artists Emma Fay, Gillian McFarland and Siyuan Ren then assessed the art and two pieces were selected from each class – Mark Morriss will soon choose the piece to become the cover. Scroll down and view the cover art chosen by the assessors from students at Desford Community Primary School.


“It is always a challenge to choose between artwork that is created with so much expression and has such an important focus. The entries were wonderful and showed a range of talents, the students who took part should all be very proud of their work, it was all beautifully ‘breath-taking’.”
Emma Fay


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