#SoundsInspired was initially piloted with students at Leicester College and again with students at Leicester College, Peterborough Regional College and Desford Community Primary School – The songs were produced by refuge with support from their mentor Mark Morriss of the bluetones who sang lead vocals on the tracks. You can find out all about those projects below – After such positive feedback from students and staff it was decided that this project would be developed in to a national piece of work – We invite you to get involved this year by submitting art and photography around the things that inspire you to lift and inspire others.

 #SoundsInspired open for creative entries 1st Feb – 14th March 2021

2nd #SoundsInspired Pilot Project:
Leicester College, Peterborough Regional College, Desford Community Primary School

*College Art & Photography

*Primary School Art


1st #SoundsInspired Pilot Project:
Leicester College

* College Art & Photography Entries